Dog Training Certification: Bodyguard Training Courses

If you’re reading this you’ve decided to become a bodyguard. Congratulations. But the hard works starts here, and make no mistake; it is very hard work.

In the beginning of your career it is all about training; training and certificates. Get as many as you can, make yourself a master of every discipline and you’ll go far. One of the first things you should do is join The British Bodyguard Association (BBA), you get loads of benefits, too many to list here and it is only £40 a year – visit their website to find out more.

It’s all well and good deciding to become a SIA License so it is vital that the training courses you undertake are SIA Training Courses, nothing else will do. There are different training providers that will issue the training, the decision about who trains you will have a massive bearing on your career – so choose very carefully.

Nick McCarthy
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