Dog Training Certification: Start a Dog Training Business

Do you know how to make dogs behave? More importantly, do you have the patience and know how to teach dog owners how to train their dogs appropriately? A dog training business may be the right business for you if you:

– Love dogs and understand how to work with them
– Have worked with dogs and animals before
– Have some experience training dogs
– Enjoy working with people
– Like the idea of helping dog owners manage their pets and treat them better

How to Start a Dog Training Business

Of course, there’s more to starting a pet-based business than simply loving animals. When you decide to make a career of training dogs, you are taking on a responsibility for handling other people’s pets responsibly and ethically. Most professional dog trainers suggest that you need 3-5 years experience working with an experienced professional dog trainer before you can put out your own shingle and take on your own clients.

Alternatively, you can seek out and attend a school that offers a dog training certification course. There are a number of pet training schools across the country. You can expect to pay about $2,000 for the instruction, but it will cut the learning curve for starting your own business considerably.

Starting Your Own Business Training Dogs

There are a number of other considerations you’ll need to take into account when you decide to step out on your own. Among the things you’ll need to get started are:

– a place of business with sufficient room to handle the dogs and their owners

– insurance to cover any damages or injuries that happen at your place of business

– equipment for training dogs, including treats and any other items used in training

Other Skills You Need for a Successful Dog Training Business

The best dog trainer in the world still needs other skills in order to start a successful pet service. Among the other skills that are vital to running a successful business are:

– Record-keeping and accounting skills

You’ll need to be able to keep track of customers, appointments and billing in order to manage your business well. If you’re not good at that kind of organization, you might hire someone who can take care of booking appointments and managing bill collections.

– Advertising and marketing skills

You’ll need to publicize your new company if you want to get any business. Word of mouth only goes so far, especially when you’re new. If you’re not sure about your ability to market your business, sign up for a course on marketing, or join a professional society of dog trainers to get the benefit of networking and experience.

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